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Bitcoin vs. South Seas Stock

This is just for fun, I have no idea if or when the bitcoin train will ever get derailed.  You could compare this to any speculation that has gone parabolic, I just like ones that are over 200 years old. Chart 1 is actual bitcoin…

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Small Caps, Cheap or Expensive?

It always surprises me when people have not heard of The Leuthold Group.  (Maybe because they are based in MN?!) They put out some great research so check out their site!  Below on small cap valuations :      

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Screenshots from Tactical Backtester

Almost done cobbling together this backtester, aiming to send it out later this week.  A few screenshots below from the current model… —- In addition to the regular benefits of subscribing to The Idea Farm, which include 2-3 research reports each week as well as free…

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The Investment Brief

It is good to see people tackling our 5 Million Dollar Ideas in FinTech.  Below is one such example, and I’ve talked the founder into letting my readers have a free three month subscription.  See below:   Download The Investment Brief app for free from…

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Supply and Demand

Same amount of money chasing reduced supply = PE multiple expansion. Nice piece from Barron’s this wknd.    

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This is a fun video I had never seen before on John Law (HT @ValueWalk) Some readings at the end… Learning to Love Investment Bubbles     John Law and the Mississippi Bubble by Richard Condie, National Film Board of Canada Market Bubbles Manias, Panics,…

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