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Taleb & Spitznagel Launching Black Swan ETF

From Forbes magazine:

“In July Universa intends to tap the financial adviser market by offering its own black swan ETF. The fund will mimic some of the strategies employed by its institutional-only hedge fund and will have an expense ratio of 1.5%.”

We considered launching a basket of puts as a tradeable ETF.  I think investors would welcome the ability to buy (short) a basket of,  say, 10-20% out of the money puts that rebalanced monthly without the headache of having to trade and monitor lots of options.  Too many other good ideas ahead of it though.

It will be interesting to see how they structure it regarding choice of markets as well as rebalancing decisions.  I assume they mean filing in July as I don’t see it listed at the SEC but I do know that they will not be using the ticker SWAN…

It mostly unrelated news it is good to see David Chappelle is launching a new product as well…

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