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All the Fees in the World

Here is a fun summary table of various investment and savings options to investors. And here is a recent post on the Cheapest Portfolio in the World. I didn’t include the Cambria offerings so people wouldn’t consider this marketing, but feel free to learn more…

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Episode #44: Invest with the House

Episode #44: Invest with the House Best part of today’s podcast, FREE book download! Guest: Episode 44 is just Meb. Date: 3/21/17 Run-Time: 55:31   Topics: Last week’s solo “Mebisode” was met with lots of positive feedback, so we’re going to do one more in…

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The Cheapest Portfolios in the World

About nine years ago our good friend Matt Hougan wrote an article called “The World’s Cheapest ETF Portfolio”.  He outlined a portfolio with the following allocation: 40% Broad Market U.S. equities 35% Foreign Equities 15% Fixed-Income (broadly diversified) 5% REITs 5% Commodities It weighed in…

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Episode #43: Learning to Play Offense and Defense

Guest: Episode 43 is just Meb. Date: 3/14/17 Run-Time: 24:41   Topics: Episode 43 finds us revisiting the “solo Meb” show. This time, he walks us through his research paper, Learning to Play Offense and Defense: Combining Value and Momentum from the Bottom Up, and…

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