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Global Tactical Asset Allocation

The focus on the blog thus far has been a passive buy and hold approach to investing – esentially, how you divy up your pie into slices of world asset classes. However, an active approach to asset allocation may offer some value. Tactical Asset Allocation…

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Speaking of Crahses

The Nasdaq Composite since 1972 has had two declines over – 50% (- 58% from 1972-1974, – 75% from 2000-2002). The chart doesn’t look so bad because it is logarithmic. . . What about the other major asset classes? Below is a table of 5…

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Stock Market Crashes

“The first rule is not to lose. The second rule is not to forget the first rule.”- Warren Buffett How many investors remember the stock market decline of 2000-2002? If you had your portfolio invested in the DJIA, you sat through a ~ -38% decline.…

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Harvard + Yale II

According to the latest updates from the two largest university endowments, Harvard and Yale, the percentages they allocate to various asset classes are located in table below. While the average retail investor does not have access to private equity and hedge funds, he can invest…

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Harvard and Yale Endowments

Harvard University sits atop the academic world with a staggering $25.9 billion endowment fund, nearly twice the size of the next biggest endowment at Yale University. This war chest has accumulated over the years on the basis of donations and the stellar returns recorded by…

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Evidence of the benefits of diversification

Modern portfolio theory. Lets look at the risk and return figures for 3 asset allocations since 1972. 1. 100% S&P 500 2. 60% S&P500 & 40% 10 Year US Govt Bonds 3. 20% S&P500, 20% Foreign Stocks (MSCI EAFE), 20% 10-Yr US Govt Bonds, 20%…

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