New ETFs

Will any of the new ETFs catch your eye?

With the dozens and dozens of new products hitting the market seemingly daily, there are a number of “holes” that I would like to see launched as ETFs. The recent launch of the Rydex managed futures mutual fund is a good example of an alternative strategy that I have been waiting on for some time. (Quick interesting fact – Did you know that the S&P Diversified Trends Indicator that the fund is based on was developed by Market Wizard Vic Sperandeo?)

Below is a list of funds I would like to see as ETFs. Comment or email me on other suggestions:

1. Foreign Small Cap
2. Foreign Bonds, Emerging Bonds
3. Municipal Bonds
4. Russia
5. Convertible Arbitrage
6. Value Hedge Fund of Funds (tracking the 13Fs)
7. Activist Fund of Funds (ditto)
8. Dogs of the Dow with Net Payout Yield (Wisdom Tree but with Payout Yield weighted instead of dividend yield)
9. U.S. Listed Hedge Funds and FOFs