New Choices In Private Equity

I have written a great deal in the past about foreign listed hedge funds. As far as private equity vehicles go, there are only a few. I don’t like PSP, and IPRV.L (fact sheet here) is traded in London (IPRV is the ETF Barclays launched based on the S&P Private Equity Index).

It is interesting to note that a mutual fund has launched a fund that invests in listed private equity funds. Here is the homepage for Vista Research and Management. Here is an information sheet for the fund, and here is the fund brochure. I would like to see the top holdings before investing in the fund, but from the literature it looks like they will be targeting the foreign listed private equity funds instead of just the management companies.

Both PowerShares and Barclays have filed to list two new ETFs that will invest in the foreign listed funds as well.