What I’m Reading

I often post links to books I am currently reading, and readers have emailed me with suggestions that I review or at least comment on my opinion of the books (which I will do in the future.) I added up all of the books I ordered on Amazon.com and Half.com so far this year, and it totals 76. My favorite so far is the just released Hedge Hunters: Hedge Fund Masters on the Rewards, the Risk, and the Reckoning, but then again I am a sucker for the “Market Wizard” style books. (PS Did you know there is a Market Wizard FOF run by Jack Schwager?)

Best Book Combo has the ability to search what site has the best total price, including shipping, for a book. Abebooks.com has the best price for Hedge Hunters. Although, I wish they would add half.com.

I added the SnapShots widget to my blog, which allows the reader to preview hypertext links. I think it is pretty cool, but if you don’t like it, leave a comment.

Is LKI going private?

When I posted earlier in the year about ETFs I’d like to see, a number of readers suggestion the frontier countries, and it looks like it could be on the way.

Why is it that women are more likely to be fat than men? According to this list, White Castle certainly isn’t helping.

Tired of junk mail? CatalogChoice can help to get rid of it.