Hedge Fund Best Ideas

Price of tracking the top value hedge funds: free
Mastercard stock performance: Priceless (well, more like 20%)

(GOOG too, > $700)

I’ll be updating the performance and holdings of the consensus and best ideas portfolios in the next two weeks.

It’s nice that you can clone the Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund, but I wish it was this easy to clone Medallion. I once interviewed with Rentech’s FOF, Meritage. Meritage, managed by Simon’s son Nathaniel, recently helped fund the launch of Hutchin Hill Capital – run by former SAC quant head Neil Chriss.

Cool site of the day – Maps of War.

10% inflation? According to John Williams at Shadow Government Statistics, the government CPI readings are too low. With commodities on fire, I would tend to side with him.

Chilly here in Chicago, wish I had the time to make a side trip to Alinea. According to Gourmet, it is the #1 restaurant in America . .instead it is hotel bar food for me.