Monthly Asset Class Update

(Note: Lest you misread my intentions and failed attempt at sarcasm(as the first comment did), I posted this under the category of what not to pay attention to. . .this gets filed with the spam stock touting emails.)

I have been traveling so just got the chance to update the monthly asset class tables. Before the tables, here is an email I received from TradingMarkets. Just in case you are wondering, $100,000 invested in 1995 would be worth $1.5 trillion. Wondering why someone would give away such a spectacular system? Ha, me too. And there are two HIGHER performing systems for the more aggressive trader! (Caveat, I think Larry Connors does great work.) In my inbox:

Dear Trader,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 5x5x5 Portfolio Method , a systematic methodology with simulated returns of 270.20% since 1995!

If you are an aggressive momentum trader, you will want to learn more about the 5x5x5 Portfolio Method. This powerful NEW investment methodology identifies strong upward moves in stocks with a level of consistency and accuracy that is as powerful as any trading method that I’ve seen in my three decades of trading.

The highlights of the 5x5x5 Portfolio Method Include:

* An average compounded annual return of 270.20% over the last 12 years

* Profitable for 90% of all months during that time period

* Double- or triple-digit returns each year

* 73% of all trades have been profitable since 1995

* AGGRESSIVE MOMENTUM SIGNALS almost daily among a broad universe of stocks

* Takes less than 5 minutes a day to calculate

The 5x5x5 Portfolio Method, created by Connors Research and provided by, takes momentum trading to a new and more advanced level. I encourage you to check it out and see how the 5x5x5 Portfolio Method can enhance your trading portfolio.