Investing Sites and Blog Economics

TheKirkReport, along with AbnormalReturns, are the two best “linkfest” style blogs and daily must reads IMO. Kirk posts a list of great investment blogs, many of which I had never heard of.

The SeekingAlpha exodus continues. The irreversible trend is for websites to compensate users for value added content. Sites like Newsvine, Assoicated Content, Helium, Revver, PayPerPost, and ReviewMe are all experimenting with the various structures.

It’s hard to figure out how EXACTLY you will earn money at TheUpDown, but it is an interesting concept along the lines of the Value Investing Club (Gotham/Greenblatt) and looks like a couple people are making some loot.

According to HFR, all the hedge fund strategies lost money in November. I haven’t seen the data yet but I find it hard to believe the short selling group lost money with the S&P down over 4%.

Headlines from the Value Investing Congress.

Interesting new airline promotion. According to Spirit, MILF stands for Many Islands, Low Fares. But with the island of Cuba looking suspiciously like Pamela Anderson, it could mean the more popular Urban Dictionary definition. . .you decide.