20 20 Vision

20 20 Vision is truly a great book – although I don’t understand why the folks at Mercer couldn’t list it on Amazon.com . . .


New private equity research out of Davos.


The Financial Times Global MBA Rankings:

1. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton
2. London Business School
3. Columbia Business School
4. Stanford Business School
5. Harvard University
6. Insead
7. MIT: Sloan
8. IE Business School
9. University of Chicago GSB
10. University of Cambridge: Judge


I spent last weekend skiing in Telluride – what an amazing and beautiful town. Interesting fact – Galt’s Gulch from the book Atlas Shrugged was inspired by nearby Ouray. (The high school objectivist in me used to carry around an excerpt in my wallet from The Fountainhead. But I swear, if rumors are true and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie end up starring in the remake I might sabotage the production.)


How about a Bullpen Market?

From Real Sports Investments:

Real Sports Investments (RSI) is the only place where you can invest in professional athletes.

Owning shares will entitle owners to a percentage of a professional athlete’s major league salary.

Investing in a player is similar to investing in a company. If the company makes money, the investors get paid in the form of a dividend. If an athlete you own shares in makes it to the big leagues, then you will be paid a percentage of his contract.

Investors can also trade their shares to other willing buyers and sellers via this website. Shares will increase or decrease in value based on the athlete’s future earning potential and supply and demand.

In a similar vein, IndieGoGo for indie film finance.


I often wonder how different my life would be had I taken that job doing cancer research in Iceland at DeCode Genetics. (Any stock options would certainly not be worth much – the stock is down from a high in the 30s to a current 3 and change.) Here is a cool video from the Icelandic band Sigur Ros: