Time To Buy Gold Stocks?

I posted awhile back on the attractiveness of gold stocks using a very simple indicator. The Hussman model looks like it is flashing green as well (more here):

Not surprisingly, the combination of all of these is rare but extremely powerful. In the rare instances when 1) The rate of inflation has been higher than 6 months earlier, 2) Treasury bond yields have been lower than 6 months earlier, 3) the NAPM Purchasing Managers Index has been below 50, and 4) the Gold/XAU ratio has been above 4.0, the XAU has soared at an astounding rate of 123.63% annualized. In contrast, when none of these have been true, the XAU has plunged at -53.21% annualized. That’s a gaping difference.

GDX is the gold miner ETF.


I’ve been cleaning out some old folders, and came across a great paper by Acadian Asset Management in 2005 titled, “Why Do We Do What We Do?“. A couple other good papers of theirs:

“The Final Frontier: Investing in Frontier Emerging Equity Markets”
“Is Dividend Yield Dead?”


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