Tigers and Turtles

I posted awhile back on the question of who spawned more impressive offspring, the Turtles of Eckhardt/Dennis or the Tiger Cubs of Julian Robertson? (I should have also added Commodities Corporation that includes offspring Ed Seykota, Michael Marcus, Paul Tudor Jones (Tudor), Bruce Kovner (Caxton), Louis Bacon (Moore Capital), Jack D. Schwager and Peter Brandt. Some of the alumni:

Tiger Cubs:

Lawrence Bowman – Bowman Capital
Steven Mandel – Lone Pine Capital
Lee Ainslie – Maverick Capital
John Griffin – Blue Ridge Capital
Andreas Halvorsen – Viking Global
Tom Brown – Second Curve Capital
Quinn Riordan – Elmwood Advisors
Paul Spieldenner – Bamboo Capital
Tom Facciola – TigerShark
Bill Hwang – Tiger Asia
Dwight Anderson – Ospraie Capital
Chase Coleman – Tiger Technology
Kevin Kenny – Emerging Sovereign
Patrick McCormack – Tiger Consumer
Paul Touradji – Touradji Capital
Bjorn Rise – Oceanic Energy


Jerry Parker – Chesapeake Capital
Liz Cheval – EMC Capital
Jim DiMaria – JPD
Curtis Faith – Former Trading Blox, now The State We’re In
Tom Shanks – Hawksbill Capital
Mark Walsh – Mark J. Walsh Co.
Howard Seidler – Saxon Investment
Paul Rabar – Rabar Market Research

Looks like a great year in 2007 for the Cubs. From Bloomberg:

Robertson is not doing too bad himself. These funds tend to often own similar stocks, and gives quite a bit of validity to the hedge fund consensus and best ideas strategies that outperformed the markets by about 10% in 2007 (out of sample). And the alphaCLONE concept coming up.

How about the Turtle progeny? Having a huge 08 (from IASG):