PIMCO was the first to offer a portable alpha strategy (StocksPLUS). They now have a book out on the concept – Portable Alpha Theory and Practice: What Investors Really Need to Know


When you have the worlds largest endowment at $35 billion, why do your students pay tuition at all? From MetaFilter:

Pay to play. The children of big-donor Harvard alums are systematically given preference over legacy offspring of lesser means. Additionally David Karen, now a professor at Bryn Mawr, concluded that alumni children at Harvard lose most of their admissions advantage if they apply for financial aid.

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…what, no World Beta?


The top ten hedge fund earners of 2007.

“We decided that systematic trading was best. Fundamental trading gave me ulcers.” – Simons

No uclers in 2007, Medallion up 70%.


Pertrac 2007 Hedge Fund Database study