Book Cover Design Contest

Longtime readers know that I am a big fan of user generated content and paid participation in media. So for those who haven’t heard, I have been working on putting together some of the concepts mentioned on WorldBeta into a book. The tentative title is “The Ivy Portfolio: How to Invest Like the Top Endowments Harvard and Yale”. (Or something like that, if you have better suggestions please let me know.)

It is not meant to be another asset allocation book, or a primer on hedge funds and private equity (plenty of those), but rather a simple guidebook to implementing such a portfolio. Most long time readers will be familiar with some of the material, but my intention is to try and reach a broader audience. If Wiley would let me I would have priced the book ala Radiohead, but that does not look too likely.

I have started a book cover design contest over on, and you can view the contest here. If you know of any designers, pass along the link. The best cover/ideas will get incorporated into the final and there is a (small) prize for the best design.

Part 1 of the book will demonstrate how to construct a strategic asset allocation that resembles the Policy Portfolios of Yale and Harvard.

Part 2 of the book will show you how to reduce your risk by applying a simple quantitative market timing system. It will cover an approach to tactical asset allocation that an investor can use to reduce the risk and drawdowns associated with investing in risky asset classes.

Part 3 of the book will show you how to follow the smart money by piggybacking the top hedge funds and their security selection capabilities to form a stock portfolio.

Is there anything that readers would like to see included in the book? Any topics of interest not mentioned above?