SSRN Download Working Again

for those having problems downloading my paper, the SSRN download is working again. . .


Nice AlphaClone mention in Value Investing Insight.  Also featured were excerpts from Seth Klarman and Julian Robertson. . .Check out the new lower pricing tier.


the Bespoke boys are depressing me today:

Since the bear market started on October 9th, 2007, the Russell 3,000 has lost $9.58 trillion in market cap, which is more than the index’s current market cap of $8.74 trillion.

Of the Russell 3,000’s current members:

— The average stock is down 53.16% during the bear market.

— Just 4.13% of stocks in the index are up during this bear, meaning more than 95% of stocks are down.

— A whopping 59% of stocks in the index are down more than 50%.