I mention this in my book, but next time someone tells you the market is efficient tell them to pull up a quote for the CUBA closed-end fund that is up 35% today (and already trading at a 30% premium as of the market close Friday).


"Is US Small Cap a Viable Alternative to US Private Equity?" (HT: LW)


A cool TED speech on electric cars.  Looks like the first Aptera should ship this year. (HT: SD)

In a related note, an interesting rebuttal from the Tesla founder Musk to some recent criticism. . .


A couple nice book reviews and mentions:


Why mean ignorant monkeys beat median jumping clowns in the investment circus

Designing Better Futures


Ha, I interviewed once at GETCO, and after being interviewed by at least 15 people and having been there for about 6 hours the last two finished the interview with the question, "What are our names?".  No idea.