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This is completely unrelated to the markets but I think a really cool project!

One of my good friends in producing the documentary film, "The 100 Years Project".  If you are interested consider visiting the website and donating a little coin…(the director and producer are both Emmy award winners so it should be a great film).

About the film:

"100 years ago we were just one generation out of slavery.  There were no cars on the road, no planes in the sky, no computers on our desks.  Since then the world, and our country, have changed in immeasurable ways.  We have lived through two world wars, the introduction of the radio, television, segregation, the birth of Civil rights, race riots, a walk on the moon, the beginning of the Information Age and now, the election of American’s first black president.  Can you imagine living through all this in one lifetime?  What can we learn from remembering the past directly through the eyes of someone who has been there to see it all?  How can we celebrate where we are today, and where we will be tomorrow – especially in this unique moment in history?

100 YEARS is a project that aims to shed light on some of these questions.  The project begins with a documentary that will recount out country’s past through the eyes of five African Americans over the age of 100 who have lived through all of these changes.  The film will look at our country’s racial history the past 100 years through the eyes of these unique individuals –and of the contributions and sacrifices that have been made by all African Americans —  and will celebrate how far we have come while recognizing how far we still must go."