Lots of markets trending up.


AlphaClone video from a recent conference.


From FlavorWire, maybe I should be doing this?

FP: I read over on Galleycat that you’re doing this strange pass along thing with review copies of your upcoming book, The Adderall Diaries. What inspired that?

SE: I’m letting people who request an advance copy of my new book borrow it. They get it for a week and I send them the address of the next person they’re supposed to send it to. What inspired that is that I want people to read my book. Some people have said that I might sell fewer books if I let people read it for free. But I don’t think that’s true, and I don’t care anyway. I write books to be read. I’m 37 years old, I’ve written seven books and I share a one bedroom apartment with a 27-year-old hipster. Obviously I’ve made choices in my life that weren’t about getting rich. Whenever I speak at a school or a creative writing class people ask me about making a living as a writer and I tell them only a crazy person would go into creative writing to make a living.


Boston magazine article on Harvard.  Also, Gross chimes in.  I see it as more of a philosophical question:  "Should the endowments be investing in risky assets at all, or just governement bonds?".  [This also starts another question – are US Bonds risk free?]

Gotta take some risk to get that return….the below chart takes the average of Harvard and Yale yearly returns, and assumes a -30% decline for fiscal year ending June 30th (and assumes 10% bond return for 2009.)