Asset Allocation Backtesting Software

There are a lot of asset allocation software choices for the professional – Morningstar’s Encorr, MSCI Barra – but not many for the individual. Very few are web based, and most are very expensive.

What are some good sites out there besides AssetPlay?

(I’ll update this post with $$ and links as I get to it.)

Zephyr AllocationAdvisor ($5,000)  Mean-variance optimization (MVO), Black-Litterman, etc.

Pertrac Analytics ($5,500 – $8,300 /year)

Gravity Investments

SmartFolio ($600 – $6,000) Multi-period MVO, Black-Litterman, etc.

Morningstar’s Encorr ($10,000 / year)

MSCI Barra

Windham Portfolio Advisor ($12,000/year), Financial Planner ($6,000/year), Planner Express ($1,800/year)

Efficient Solutions ($70-$170 one time)  Single and multi-period MVO, Monte Carlo.

DynaPorte ($20,000 /year)  Macro factor based tactical asset allocation.

FastTrack ($400-$700/year)  Poor man’s version of FastBreak.

FastBreak ($500, Pro $1,800)  Mutual fund and stock trading system to test and trade strategies using fund rotation.  Pro version features genetic algos.

Quantext ($100 – $180/year) Portfolio simulation.