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I think most of the IndexIQ ETFs are silly, but they nailed this one.  Merger Arb ETF to hit the market, Convertible arb next?


This looks like SumZero for the Distressed Investing field.


I’ve wrestled with the best way for people to update the simple GTAA timing model.  I thought publishing a white paper and book would be enough to help the “do-it-yourselfers”, but that only generates more questions. I usually get about a few dozen emails every day asking how/where to update it, so originally I put a Stockcharts link on my blog, but Stockcharts keeps breaking it.  So, I’ve decided just to send out a simple monthly update of the five asset classes (using 5 ETFs) via email.

If you want to see the updates, just enter your email on the right. I’m still ironing out the kinks but it should be working smoothly soon.