4 New Websites

Cool new equity modeling site.


Lots of new shareholder letters on Hedge Fund Letters.


Timothy Sykes launches Investimonials.  I always thought there was a huge need for a Brightscope style offering for RIAs and brokers – reporting and doing due diligence on them is impossible.  I’m not sure this is the answer, but looks like a good first step and has potential.  This is more retail oriented.

I would think it would be a lot more useful if the reviews were not anonymous – ie tied it into Facebook Connect, or maybe like Amazon’s system.  That way you avoid people trashing/promoting certain products and sites.

If I were Sykes I would also pull all my products from being reviewed so that it doesn’t end up as a third party marketing site for his products.

If inclined, feel free to write the first review for World Beta or AlphaClone.


I didn’t know my friend James now writes for AOL, will add to blogroll…