Managing Money

We originally launched Cambria to offer separately managed accounts to individuals, as well as private funds for high net worth individuals and institutions. However, we realize there are a couple areas that have been left out.  We would also like to help smaller investors who don’t want to “do-it-themselves” to access our services (our minimums headed to $1M here soon), but want to figure out the best way to do that. We have considered the public options (mutual funds, ETFs) but both come with their own problems and headaches. We have also explored new options, such as kaChing, Covestor, and a site like Greenblatt’s Formula Investing.

We’re not sure the best solution to do this, so stay tuned (but would love to hear your thoughts).

On the other hand, we get a ton of emails from professionals looking for sub-advisory services.  We have considered a lot of these options, but for us it is really a question of operational complexity (I have no interest in building the next Fisher Marketing Investments).

To the professionals on the list (and only the pros!), instead of a basis point fee for sub-advisory services, what would you think about a paid newsletter that details our portfolios the way we run them, with additional models, research and monthly updates? We manage money quite differently than our published models, and for obvious reasons don’t disclose what we are doing.