Newspapers, Financial Media, and Online Investment Sites

Today is a perfect example of why I would rather read Abnormal Returns than the WSJ, FT (my favorite of the papers), IBD, and Barron’s.


Look at all the useful info there: the lowest cost ETFs in each category, James Montier’s 10 Lessons (Not?) Learnt, ways to improve the carry trade, how well do TIPS work – I would pay $5 a day for that.

What is on the front page of all those other sites?  Bernanke, Bernanke, Bernanke, Bernanke and about 10,000 other links to click on.  Useless.  Don’t get me started on the aggregators.

I need less of more useful and targeted information, not more of noise and useless information.  All the major sites continue to bungle this opportunity.

Stay tuned in the New Year for a new solution to this problem that I am quite (to say the least) excited about.

PS I’m doing a webinar for SFO magazine today come ask some questions! (4:30 PM Eastern)