Hedge Fund Letters

I started the website Hedge Fund Letters because I love reading manager commentary and there wasn’t a good rescource for finding the letters other than to Google search for them (although Market Folly does a fantastic job finding them).  I started the site anonymously in the beginning as I didn’t know how the hedge fund community would respond.

However, we have only had one hedge fund ever email us to take down their letter.  I think the site is pretty cool but don’t have much bandwith to devote to it (I have one very fantastic friend helping out on it).

There are over 100 profiles on there, and while some are sparse I’d like to see them get built out more like the Baupost page here.

I was thinking about turning it into more of a UGC site where users could upload media and content (maybe Wiki-style), but so far have yet to decide on the best way to do it.

My questions to you:

1.  Do you find the site useful?

2.  What would you do to improve the site?

If you want to help out feel free to drop me an email as well.