Black Swans Everywhere

From lesbian ballerina sex scenes with Portman/Kunis to a Thom Yorke NSFW song, the phrase black swan is dominating the media. (Trailer and video below.)

And you better believe Wall St is going to capitalize (err take advantage of and extract fees) on the sudden popularity. Some links:

Tons of chatter about black swan funds and tail risk funds out there right now (which makes me think a lot of people are going to be sorely disappointed when they lose $ in these funds).  We were talking about how someone should launch an ETF on the strategy about 6 months ago.  Any public funds yet?

PIMCO Launches Black Swan Protection

DB Tail Risk Hedging and DB ELVIS and DB EMERALD

Is it Possible to Hedge Tail Risk

Talk of the Town

Condor Options

Black Swan movie trailer (Possbily NSFW)

Thom Yorke (Radiohead frontman) song (Definitely NSFW), Black Swan