Gold Sentiment

Klarman (who is long gold):

“At our recent investment team retreat, virtually every speaker – many of the leading thinkers in the markets and in business-was of the opinion that terrible problems await in terms of paper money and that gold is an asset investors should seriously consider.”

My experience was very similar at a recent conference I was speaking at this weekend – a number of attendees came up and asked me about gold.

I literally can’t find a single manager that is currently bearish or short on gold or gold stocks.  Please leave a comment if you know of a fund or manager that is bearish or short.

A list of bulls below:

Argonaut Atyant Axial Baupost Blue Ridge Broyhill Burry Eton Park Glenhill Greenlight Harbinger Hayman Khaner Landsdowne Passport Paulson Perella Weinberg Partners/Xerion Capital Prolouge Rogers Scout Silver Point Soros Sprott