What Hedge Fund Managers Are Killing it This Year?

Long time readers know I love thumbing through 13F hedge fund filings on AlphaClone as both an idea farm and a way to piggyback on top investment managers.  I’ve written extensively about Seth Klarman at Baupost, and by simply tracking his top 10 holdings this year an investor would be up a whopping 40% (some winners being ADCT and THRX).    Sidenote:  It looks like his book Margin of Safety: Risk-Averse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor has come down to a “reasonable” $895 from the normal $1500 asking price.

Who else is killing it with their long book this year?  Mohnish Pabrai (up 45% with winners like HNR, POT, and CRESV) and ValueAct (up 27% with winners like IT, SNA) are both way ahead of the S&P500…

MarketFolly has a great post today that talks about little known hedge fund Kleinheinz and their Russia thesis.  The fund is up 18% YTD through the end of Sep and the AlphaClone Top 10 Holdings is up 19% YTD through yesterday.  Check out the Kleinheinz equity curve since 2002 below – beat the market by an impressive 20% a year.

Check out Hedge Fund Letters for archived letters and the VIC for manager presentations.

Happy Halloween!

Source: AlphaClone