$10,000 for Best Paper

We already have one blog reader that has won the NAAIM prize for best paper, let’s get another!  Deadline is March 2011 and the prize is $10k.


I have long believed there is an opportunity for online education surrounding investing and personal finance.  A few different sites have investing/finance as a component of their offerings (like Sympoz and MIT Open Course) but I have yet to see the “Rosetta Stone” of investing education.


I actually didn’t know FQ took over a mutual fund as sub until a reader left a comment on the blog.

Here is an older PDF “Balancing Betas“.

Managers FQ Global Essentials Fund (MMAVX)


Great post on just how little people understand about investing.  Wow.  From the Dorsey Wright folks:

“If interest rates rise, what will typically happen to bond prices?

18% – They will rise
28% – They will fall
5%   -They will stay the same
10% – There is no relationship between bond prices and the interest rate
37% – Don’t know
2%  – Prefer not to say

The heinous data above comes from Finra’s newly released Financial Capability Surveyonly 28% of the national sample of more than 28,000 adults had a clue that bond prices would fall if interest rates went up.  This strikes me as a pretty good argument to get a competent financial advisor.

In unrelated news, 67% of respondents rated their overall financial knowledge as “high,” and 75% endorsed the statement, “I am pretty good at math.”

The financial market is a really expensive place to get an education.”


Diversification and Risk Management.


Many investing blogs and websites exist for the purposes of investor education, and many are professionals that are supposed to have a fiduciary duty to their clients.  If you write an investment blog or run an investment website and also run Google Ads such as the below on your site I can’t take you seriously.  It’s embarrassing.

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