New Cambria Quantitative Research Monthly Newsletter

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We are starting a monthly newsletter that focuses on longer form analysis somewhere between the breezy style of the blog and the much longer white papers.  I already have a list of about 20 studies I would like to publish but have yet to for a number of reasons.

Each newsletter will likely feature a main topic/research piece along with a few other constant monthly features (like Reading List / What I’m Reading, Asset Class Review, Alternatives Review).  The content will evolve as we get more feedback on what interests the readers the most and some months will be much shorter than others depending.

The first issue will be out in a week so make sure to sign up through the email list to receive it!

A few ideas we have for longer form research pieces:

Update Quant Approach to TAA and Relative Strength Strategies for Investing with data through 2009 and 2010

Fundamental Factors and Building an Econometric Model

Where the Black Swans Hide

Quant Approach to Dow Theory

Guru Allocations and Timing

Trendfollowing on Currencies

Returns of Asset Classes during inflation, Fed policy, yield curves, etc

Global Asset Allocation Funds

And more (any in particular you would like to see email in suggestions)