Research and Publishing

Right now I get most of my ideas out through a few channels, namely:

Twitter – for (very) short comments and links (follow @MebFaber).

Blog – For short comments and links.

Cambria Quant Research – For longer (10-50) page research pieces (you can sign up on the blog or Cambria website to get email notices when they get published).  These are archived on SSRN, the blog, and the Cambria website.  As we launch more funds we plan on doing a much more frequent commentary (at least monthly) on positioning, market thoughts, etc.  The first six are below:

Book  – We published the first book in the heart of the last crisis, but I get a lot of requests and questions about updates as well as extensions.  I’ve been thinking about cranking out one (or maybe a few) books here shortly, and wanted to ping my audience to see what most interests them.

So, what would you like to read about?  The three biggest areas we have considered are below, so vote and or email in your thoughts.

The next question is the format (go traditional route, self publish, eBook, SSRN, or some combination of the four)…