Now Long Greek Bonds

Although it looks like it is the 1898 issue, with only a,  pffft,  2 1/2% coupon. (Great parting gift for speakers from the SQA conference in NYC.  When I was giving talks on currencies the last few years I used to give out hyperinflated bills.)

Conference was great, but since they didn’t record it I’ll try and transform a few of the ideas into the next couple issues of CQR.  Goal will be to get both out by year end…

A couple of the speakers had some solid presentations and here are some of their published pieces out lately:

Wai Lee, “Risk on Risk Off” (PDF here).

Lars Nielson, Chasing Your Own Tail (Risk), (PDF here).

No other published materials for the other speakers, but if you are a member of the SQA I think you can access PPTs via website.