Fireside Chat with Hendry and Drobny

I had a good breakfast with my buddy Steve Drobny the other day here at the beach.  Steve runs Drobny Global and is a macro fund manager/research/writer, and I thought I would repost this great video of an interview with always entertaining hedge fund manager Hugh Hendry of Eclectica.  While I didn’t like  The Gap in the Curtain as much as he did, Hugh is always worth listening to for his insightful commentary and often contrarian analysis.  Not to mention, he is one of the few fund managers having a great year.

Link to Eclectica website public fund performance here and here, and profile on Hedge Fund Letters here.

Hugh Hendry, Eclectica Asset Management and Steven Drobny, Drobny Global Advisors from LSE SU AIC on Vimeo.