You Are Not Anonymous

My blog is too boring/academic to get many hecklers (though I still get a few).  And almost always, the hecklers are anonymous (or at least try to be).  You have to have a thick skin to be a writer, and I can’t imagine the inbox of some of my fellow writers like Altucher.

I once used to grab some meals with a fellow professional money manager (AUM > $100mln) when I would visit his city.  At the same time over the course of a few years I would also get consistently harassed by an anonymous commenter on a consistent basis.  It only took about five minutes to figure out who it was, and shockingly, it was the same manager.  (FYI people, you are never, ever, anonymous.)

Also just read a (published) paper that plagiarized, word for word, a lot of my work.  I guess at some point you just take it as a compliment and move on…so, with that, to cheer myself up I read this missive that this is the best time in history to be alive, and, a fun Xmas picture from The Big Picture