A Few Site Updates

1.  Since I assume most of you are not on Twitter, I’ve added a Twitter box on the right side of the page that will post my (re)tweets.  Often I’ll link to good reads that never make it onto the blog so now you can find them here.  If you’re on Twitter you can find me @MebFaber.

2.  I created Hedge Fund Letters to serve as a rescource for information on hedge funds.  I never had time to work on the site so it always just sat there.  After a few unsuccessfull attempts at outsourcing running the site, I have found a few great writers that are working on it now.  They will be cleaning up some of the old/poor profiles as well as adding content to about 50 new ones in the next month or two.  (For example, they recently finished the Hayman, Eclectica, and Bridgewater profiles.)

If you have any more ideas here or want to get involved please let me know.

3.  I plan on doing a (recorded) webinar for a number of new research pieces we plan on putting out soon.  I feel like so much context is lost with just the printed word.  If anyone has suggestions on what is best software/website for putting on a webinar that can be recorded for archived playback please let me know.

Recs so far:

Webex (up to 3000, but have heard it gets blocked by firewalls.  $49/month up to 25 people.  Unknown cost after that since you have to talk on phone with sales specialist.)

GoToWebinar ($99/month up to 100 attendees, $499/month up to 1000 attendees)

No webinar, but recording by Camtasia ($300 one time).  Leaning towards this but would not allow for Q&A.

MeetingBurner (in Beta, < 50 attendees)



Can record a webinar of a PowerPoint, then allow playback on demand.

Can open the webinar up to questions from participants.

Cannot be blocked by firewalls, etc.

Unlimited attendees (within reason)