ETF Guide for Investors

Nice PDF from Morningstar on ETFs.

Table of Contents Below:

The ABCs of ETFs

Choosing ETFs the Morningstar ETFInvestor Way

An ETF Primer for Retirees and Conservative Investors 

Avoiding the Dividend Trap 

Create Your Own Bond Portfolio Using ETFs 

Target-Maturity Bond ETFs: The Next Evolution in Fixed-Income Investing 

Indexing’s Hidden Costs 

Indexer? Valuation Still Matters 

What to Watch for When Investing in International ETFs 

An Overview of Broad-Basket Commodity ETFs 

ETFs That Hedge and Diversify 

Warning: Leveraged and Inverse ETFs Kill Portfolios 

How to Analyze a Strategy ETF 

Proactive Tax-Planning Basics With ETFs 

Popular ETF Questions Answered 

Reading the Stars 

ETFInvestor: What’s Inside 

The ETF Numbers That Matter—and Why 

Morningstar ETFInvestor Strategies