Million Dollar Idea (Tax Harvesting)

We post a lot of ideas that I think could very easily be multi-million dollar ideas for entrepreneurs with the right drive to execute them.  I spend most of my time and effort on ways to disrupt the hedge and mutual fund space, but we still have lots of ideas I think are worth pursuing.  Granted you may think I’m an idiot and these ideas are horrible but here are a few anyways.

A few we have mentioned in the past few years are a “Netflix” style prize for mutual fund rankings, create a website for education aka a Rosetta Stone for investing 101 (could do it with a lot of online free courses too), a newsletter focused purely on publicly available alternative funds since no one understands them, and certainly a new business model for  (Although for the life of me I can’t find the link to this old post it seems to have vanished – anyone?)

Here is another one for you.  Was considering doing this with a friend a few years ago, but like everything takes time and effort:

Build a website that pulls investor account info (Byallaccounts etc).

Send email alerts for $20/year that systematically tells the investor when to tax harvest the portfolio, suggests alternative funds and stocks.  Saves the taxable investor about 1% a year.

I think in the ballpark of $500k in revenue per year with this simple idea.

No one does it correctly yet.