New $30,000 Contest

We’ve had a number of blog readers win research prizes for white papers over the years.  I just saw a new contest sponsored by S&P for $30,000.  Also below are a list of contests that are worth entering (most are offered once a year with various deadlines).

Research Papers

S&P SPIVA ($30,000 + $15,000)

AQR Insight ($100,000 prize)

Whitebox Research ($25,000 prize)

NAAIM Wagner Award ($10,000 prize)

MTA Dow Award ($5,000 prize)


Investment Idea 

Ira Sohn contest (winner presents at conference)

SumZero/VIC (winner presents at conference)

Skorina/Drobny (winner presents at conference) One time.

Capitalist Collective (six figure hedge fund job)  One time, hired two people.