The Last Five

As we wind down 2012, I’m going to summarize a few of my favorite posts from 2012.  But first, I thought it would be worthwhile to take a look at the first few months of The Idea Farm

In the first four months we have sent out 35 emails that represent publications that would have cost over $50,000 to subscribe to!  Indeed, there are a handful of publications that are impossible to subscribe to (they are only for institutional clients, but allowed us to send out an issue).  We hope you are enjoying the research as much as we are, and please forward and share the emails with all of your friends if you like.  

Research Affiliates on market forecasts and global CAPE ratios

SumZero Elite on changes in technology, and investment implications

Citigroup Velocity on global equity valuations

Bob Brinker on all things fixed income

SuperInvestor Insight on ideas from Robertson, Montier, and Ainslie