Five Million Dollar Investing Ideas (Part 1/5), Public Alts

James did a fun post on new startup ideas (though I wish he would have just followed up on JungleSmash).  A couple buddies of mine give me a hard time about always giving away ideas for free, but I have plenty on my plate in the next few years trying to disrupt the traditional asset management space so in the coming weeks I’ll post five ideas I would love to see, many of which I would pay for as a subscriber (or fund as a partner).  Please reach out if interested!  

Here is the first one:

1.  Investment newsletter focused on publicly traded alternatives.  With hundreds of choices out there most advisors cannot separate the good from the bad across the mutual fund/ETF/CEF spectrum.   Most don’t know the difference between all of the managed futures funds (which is a Grand Canyon wide difference) ,or the difference between the FX, long/short equity, volatility, and triple levered who-knows-what funds.  I don’t blame the advisors, it’s simply too much info.  The likely suspects have not done much here (Morningstar and IndexU, although both have great newsletter services on the broad offerings) and therein lies the opportunity.