What Premium Looks Like

Some have expressed confusion as to the format of premium, so below is a demonstration.  I’m going to do CAPE updates tomorrow then do a 10 part QTAA series for the 2013 paper update next week.  Email in any questions or thoughts…

First, a summary:

Idea Farm – 2-3 private emails per week, curated by me, public and private newsletters.  Short summary and then a download of the newsletter.  Examples here.  Cost $195 annual$19/month.
Mebane Faber Research – Free/Premium blog.  Premium posts are behind a paywall, and likely to include research that isn’t published mostly focused on quant research systems and actionable ideas.  Data series updates like CAPE, etc.  Includes premium RSS feed.  $395/year.  There isn’t a free trial since there was essentially a six year free trial with > 1,200 articles.

Premium posts show a “Lock” at the top of the post as well as a “KEEP READING” at the end of the post.  Non-subscribers will be redirected to a login page.  Subscribers will never see the lock once they have logged in.  Below is an example from a recent post on CAPE and drawdowns.