Important News – Freed Again

It has only taken a few weeks but I am very happy to announce that enough people have subscribed to The Idea Farm that I am ready to return the blog to free.  More people subscribed , and at a faster rate,  than I expected. In retrospect I should have just turned on the Idea Farm first before the blog.  But this has all been new to me and a bit of an experiment, as well as a learning experience.  (So too will be self publishing a book in two weeks.)  Instead of the six month period I was expecting it to take to reach a conclusion, it was only two weeks.

I’m going to refund all charges to the blog, which is a bit painful,  but a big huge thanks to the overwhelming support for the people that subscribed.  In general I prefer to have the content free, and never got comfortable placing the content behind a paywall.  I certainly don’t have a problem with charging for content (as I described to one reader, that is the beauty of capitalism – you only have to pay for what you consider to be of value). But, it is expensive to run a research organization and thankfully Idea Farm is helping to pay the freight of all of those costs…

If you want to support our efforts the easiest way is simply through a subscription to The Idea Farm.

All of the same privileges of subscription to the blog will now apply to subscribers on The Idea Farm – first look at publications, CAPE updates,  and free copies of all books.

Next up, GTAA 2012 paper update goes out to the Idea Farm list later this or next week depending on NYC travel schedule!

Thanks for the patience and support everyone!