(Don’t) Follow Me

The Ira Sohn conference is running with a great list of speakers, I attended last year and am sad to miss – it  is a wonderful conference for a great cause.  Here is a list of other good idea conferences.

Einhorn had a quote: “It doesn’t make sense to blindly follow me or anyone else into a stock,” do your own work.”  I agree with that of course, but what else could someone say, “yes please follow me into all of my stocks”?

I’ve written a book on 13F investing since there is soooo much confusion and misunderstanding in that space.  I’ll try and put it out sometime this summer after we finally publish our Shareholder Yield book next Tuesday (finally).  Curious to see how this ebook experience goes before deciding if next book should be physical or not…

So, how would blindly following Einhorn do?  Well, the answer is, it depends.  Great since 2000, but much better from 2000-2006, and not so hot since then.  This is long only, top 10 longs, 50 days after q end.  Einhorn may derive solid alpha from his short book (I have no idea) but I don’t have the updated monthly returns so can’t comment.  


As always, data is from AlphaClone