Wikipedia/Hoover’s for Hedge Funds

A few years ago I built this basic website to try and archive hedge fund letters.  It obviously needs a refresh but the site is Hedge Fund Letters.

I don’t care about making any money from the site (but I also didn’t want to get sued so was anonymous), but I mainly just wanted to read all of these incredibly interesting letters.  Who wouldn’t want to read Tiger, or Baupost, or Soros letters?  The problem is I never had the time to work on it myself, but I enjoy reading them and there is no central repository for it.  The concept was a Wikipedia or Hoover’s for hedge funds and their letters, and to increase hedge fund transparency in general.  I have hundreds if not thousands of letters now, but also have not uploaded a fraction of them simply due to time constraints.

My thoughts are changing a bit though, and now that the hedge fund marketing rules are getting relaxed, I was considering putting some resources into the site or hiring/partnering with some people.  Reach out to the funds, let them send in a profile and all their letters (would mark profile “verified”).  

Let me know if you have any thoughts or would like to help out or run the website!