Top 10 ETF Launches of the Year

I think this is a really interesting article for a few reasons. 

1. The continued acceptance of ETFs by large institutions.  Not just acceptance, but also CREATION.  A number of these ETFs were created by an institution willing to seed the fund at size, and going to an ETF provider to launch the fund. I used to write about this on the blog, and it surprises me that more family offices do not do this with their active taxable strategies.  Theoretically one could even get creative with how it was structured to benefit the institution if the product was very successful.  I had no idea Fisher was behind a few of these.

(If you’re interested, contact me!)

2.  It surprised me that many ETNs were on the list.  People are unconcerned about credit risk.

3.  Notice how hard it is to launch a successful ETF, over 150 launches at it looks like it took at least $150m to break the top 10.  $20-$40m is breakeven for most funds.

4.  And, of course, my favorite is #10!