Checking in on the Tiger (Cubs)

I sent out a fun piece by Novus to Idea Farm subscribers last month called Like Tiger, Like Cub.  The piece took a deep dive into the Tiger Cubs, and we have written about plenty about Tiger and offspring on the blog before as well as in our first book The Ivy Portfolio.

I thought it would be fun to check in on how they are doing.  Below we take the five most popular holdings across 21 Cubs, rebalanced quarterly 50 days after the quarter.  This simple portfolio has whalloped the market in years past by over 10 percentage points per annum since 2000.    Since publication of Ivy, this portfolio would have outperformed the market four of the past five years.  Not bad!

What do they hold right now?  A full third of the 21 Cubs all own the stocks below in the second chart.

Source: AlphaClone