Excel Quant Backtester, & Down on the Farm

Note: Many do not realize a subscription to The Idea Farm includes a tactical Excel backtester with data back to the 1970s…it’s pretty cool and we will update with 2013 data soon…

Between publishing two books and launching some new funds, unfortunately the last few months I have not had as much time to write on the blog. This summer I will be devoting lots more time to the blog, as well as cranking on a few new interesting pieces.  That, and making a couple BIG announcements in the next few weeks so stay tuned… 

A good deal of my content in the meantime has migrated to Twitter and The Idea Farm.  Below are a few cool charts we’ve featured from Idea Farm pubs in the past few months….



Source: Sitka




Source: Erb




Source: OSAM

macro trader

Source: The Macro Trader