Cambria Raising a Crowdfund Round

I have been following the crowdfunding space with interest over the past few years, and dabbled a bit investing in a few private companies.  As our investment management company has grown to over $400 million in assets under management, we have considered building out the business to add some much needed operational support.  While at this time we are profitable and don’t need to raise money to continue our current operations, additional capital would allow us to accelerate a few initiatives and add some headcount to our current team of four.

Crowdfunding a round with accredited investors who can add value seems like an interesting option.  We have reviewed a number of the crowdfunding websites, but they all charge fees that we find to be too high for a company that has a public brand and can go straight to the consumer. We don’t want to penalize our investors with carry or any other fees, so we are organizing the round ourselves with no fees.  The round will be small (~$2M).

If you are an accredited investor that is interested in investing in a private, fast growing, early stage ETF issuer, please drop us a line at with “Crowdfund” in the subject line and we will send you the pitch deck.


Legal Disclaimer

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