A New Medium

I have spent more and more time listening to podcasts. They are the perfect medium for chats on investing – really the exact opposite of the 30 second soundbite on TV.  I currently only listen to a few – Ritholtz, Ferris, Altucher, Stansberry, and Covel.  Covel has nearly 300(!) with some of the worlds best traders, money managers, professors, and “other”.  I’m not just saying that because I have been a guest – take a look at a few of the great interviews below and podcast #.  

If you have a particular favorite podcasts I’m missing, shoot me an email!  All can be found on iTunes with the exception of Ritholtz which is Bloomberg Business Radio (but joining iTunes soon is the word).

Kathryn Kaminski (new book with Greyserman ordered) 282
Larry Williams 168
Marty Bergin (CEO Dunn) 222
Robert Aumann (Nobel prize game theory) 269
Vineer Bhansali 281
Mark Broadie 279 (Columbia fin prof; golf science)
Leo Melamed 265
William Poundstone (Author Fortunes Formula) 254
Perry Kaufman 253
Brett Steenbarger 239
Daniel Kahneman 212
John Bollinger 211