Pick The Title For My Next Book!

Ok, I updated this with the original feedback…let me know what you think! Some funny non winners at the bottom…

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The non winners:

Robin Hood Investing: Stealing the Best Stock Ideas Without Paying 2 and 20
How I became the king of curve-fitting
Forget Bulls and Bears: Invest With Eagles and Owls
Be a Baller and a Shot Caller without paying 2/20
Making money when everyone else is loosing (no edits)
Be bullish not foolish. Buffet, Graham and the Quant. Stop saying something weird happened I lost all my money.
Deez Nutz, but’em hot
All Peak, No Trough: Harvesting Stock Ideas from the Top Hedge Funds
13F stands for Free in Forty-Five Days
Beat the Central Bank Manipulations: Investing against those Thieves